indie-mag-jan-2013Chaos Theory itself is the study of the behavior of dynamical systems that are sensitive to catalysts. In other words, it is the study of the butterfly effect. How fitting that this Canadian quintet would appropriate the concept as their band name. The band itself is like a unified force that begins a full-blown sonic assault on the senses and doesn’t relent until the bitter and beautiful end.

The riffs are huge and the rock is hard. But there are some real surprises amongst the litany of lost souls on this record. From falsettos to snaky bass riffs, each song tells a story of hope and redemption. With lyrics informed by all of the band members, it’s hard to believe how cohesive the final product is. But every shred of input has actually created an atmosphere of balls-to-the-wall sonic oblivion.

Craig Brown (drums) and Tim Garagan (bass) drive the songs with an almost maniacal intensity. You can practically feel the depth of the bass drum as it’s pounded through the wall. Scott McKenzie and Alex Coulstring (guitars) faithfully compete for guitar-god status as they drench everything in arena-size riffs, mountainous shredding and walls of feedback and distortion. But perhaps the biggest surprise is frontman Rock Johnson. Vacillating between crooning and screaming, he channels everyone from Layne Staley to David Lee Roth to Jeff Martin, yet somehow manages to retain his own identity. Our only regret for the record is that he doesn’t get a chance to utilize his glorious falsetto more, as evidenced on the record’s leading single, “Save Yourself”. We appreciate a metal man who isn’t afraid to show his heavenly side...

The record consists of 11 ripping tracks and a bonus instrumental. Hey, when you got the chops, you gotta show ‘em off. From the rip-roaring scream that opens the record to the haunting instrumental piano ballad that closes it, the tracks burn with intensity and propulsion.

The record succeeds at its best with tracks like, “Remind”, “Save Yourself”, “Afterthought”, “Silhouette” and “Dead Inside”. But overall, the whole record rocks and rocks hard.

The band paint from a wide palette – invoking bands like Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, early-era Metallica, Godsmack and Sevendust. Yet through it all, they retain their own sense of melodicism and lyrical integrity. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget to mention – you can totally bang your head to it. A worthy offering from Halifax’s #1 Metal/Hard Rock band.

Title: "Chaos Theory" – Chaos Theory

Published on: 30-Jan-2013 (INDIE MAG)

Writer: Reign Lee