Rock band doesn’t take no for an answer on upcoming album
Jon MacNeill

Chaos Theory’s sophomore effort will see the Halifax rockers return with the hard-hitting aggression fans have come to expect, this time bearing a message to match it.

“From what I’m hearing so far, it’s a lot less ‘boo hoo’ and a lot more ‘f**k you’” frontman Rock Johnson said of the band’s new project, We Are Disaster, currently in pre-production.

“On the first album there was some stuff you might deal with when you’re depressed or down, and now the lyrics are more about being assertive, asking questions, not taking no for an answer.”

We caught up with Johnson before the band set out on their first stint of summer touring through New Brunswick.  Formed in 2008, Chaos Theory really took shape two years later when rhythm guitarest Lex Coulstring was joined by Scott McKenzie (lead guitar), Tim Garagan (bass) and Johnson.  

“We’re doing what I think comes fairly naturally to all of us,” Johnson said of their style.  “It’s something that’s maybe a little less common in the area now, where we’re taking heavy music and combining it with elements of classic rock—so we’re getting the heavy riffs, the angst, the screams and stuff, but its combined with songwriting and melody.
“There’s a lot of different metal genres, and we kind of straddle a few of them.  I don’t know if we fit into one exact category, but what we’re doing is what we love.”

The group released its debut self-titled in April, an –track effort that earned them Music Nova Scotia’s Loud Recording of the Year, in addition to Faces Choice Awards’ Best Rock Band and Best Music Video + Single.
Johnson said all the material is written for the followup, We Are Disaster.  They plan to enter the studio to begin recording in the fall.

Posted June 20, 2013 by Jon MacNeill of HERE NB