"Now, I would like to share with you a couple of bands that I saw for the first time and who rocked the festival stage and I would dig seeing again. The first being Chaos Theory, who where great, their alternative rock sound was sonically engaging, they left a good impression on me after their set."
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"Chaos Theory was next up and we waited restlessly in anticipation of their set. Rock Johnson fronts this Nova Scotia powerhouse and they always rock the house with their gutsy live shows. They work hard every show leaving nothing in the gas tank when they are done."
Steven Ruxton, Rockin' HRM
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"Next up was CHAOS THEORY. They were fierce and fun and seeing the crowds' reaction for them was splendid. All the boys in the band were feelin' good and I was feelin' good at the show they put on."
Jay Chetwynd, MMF&HR Founder
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